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Case number Process Domains Complainants Respondents Panelists Published Result Action
CAC-UDRP-100182 udrp F. W. Brinkmann GmbH Bugatti d.o.o. Victoria McEvedy 18.08.2010 08:12 Accepted
CAC-UDRP-100180 udrp CPS Color Group Oy HERO Products Group Avv. Guido Maffei 04.08.2010 12:04 Accepted
CAC-UDRP-100170 udrp Pelikan Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH&Co.KG Rick Sorentos GoldKey Corporation Dr. Tobias Müller 29.07.2010 13:30 Accepted
CAC-UDRP-100165 udrp Komerční banka, a.s. Miroslav Kaiser Angelica Lodigiani 28.07.2010 15:07 Accepted
CAC-UDRP-100152 udrp Unister GmbH GS-Internetservice Thomas Hoeren 28.06.2010 12:41 Rejected
CAC-UDRP-100149 udrp AMATERI.COM s.r.o. Brian Muir Matthew Harris 01.06.2010 11:02 Accepted
CAC-UDRP-100143 udrp, Enterprise Holdings, Inc., Vanguard Trademark Holdings USA, LLC Errol Santos Marie-Emmanuelle Haas Avocat 09.04.2010 10:36 Accepted
CAC-UDRP-100101 udrp Jolanta Skevington Vertical Axis Inc The Hon. Neil Brown QC, Flip Petillion, Tom Heremans 30.11.2009 16:31 Rejected
CAC-UDRP-100103 udrp, a.s. Business Corporation INC. Dr. Vít Horáček 20.11.2009 09:32 Accepted
CAC-UDRP-100093 udrp société Air France VALUE-DOMAIN COM / DIGIROCK, INC. Dr. Uli Foerstl LL.M. 18.11.2009 13:18 Accepted
( Items: 3451 - 3460 from 3473 )