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The Czech Arbitration Court (CAC) is governed by the Board nominated in a three year period from the list of CAC´s arbitrators.

The Board elects its President who is CAC´s highest representative. Since 2020 the President of the CAC is JUDr. Juraj Szabó, Ph.D. 

The CAC´s operation is managed by the Secretary JUDr. Lenka Náhlovská, Ph.D. who is in charge of ADR department as well.

Current Board members are:

JUDr. František Honsa, Ph.D.
JUDr. Petr Hostaš
JUDr. Alexandr Mareš, Ph.D.
Mgr. Radek Pokorný

JUDr. Martin Aschenbrenner, LL. M, Ph.D.
JUDr. Petr Bříza, LL. M, Ph.D.
JUDr. Pavel Hrášek
JUDr. Ing. Ján Lučan, Ph.D.
Ing. Jan Ptáček, CSc.
JUDr. Martin Svatoš, Ph.D.