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About the Czech Arbitration Court

The Czech Arbitration Court is a Not For Profit organisation based in Prague and attached to the Czech Chamber of Commerce and Czech Agrarian Chamber. Established in 1949, CAC’s services include mainly the resolution of domestic and international commercial disputes. The CAC is one of the oldest arbitration centres in Europe and has one of the largest case loads in Central Europe (in 2020 it was 516 domestic and 61 international disputes).

Our history and success

In 2005, CAC was selected as the .eu ADR Provider by EURid and the European Commission. CAC administers .eu ADR proceedings under the brand in all 24 official EU languages using a secured on-line platform.

In January 2008 ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names & Numbers, approved the CAC to be the fourth international provider of UDRP services. (now out of six providers in total).

CAC also administers disputes regarding Czech ccTLD .CZ via separate online platform:

Our Leadership

The Board of the Czech Arbitration Court:


  • Juraj Szabó


  • Petr Hostaš
  • Radek Pokorný
  • Alexandr Mareš
  • František Honsa


  • Martin Aschenbrenner
  • Petr Bříza
  • Vladimír Dlouhý
  • Václav Hlaváček
  • Pavel Hrášek
  • Nikola Kubálková
  • Ján Lučan
  • Martin Svatoš

Supervisors for the ADR.EU:

  • Petr Hostaš, Vice-president of the Board
  • Lenka Náhlovská, Secretary and Head of Domain Name Disputes

The operation of the Czech Arbitration Court is organized by its Secretary, Lenka Náhlovská.

More information about the Czech Arbitration Court and its organisation are available via the official website of the CAC

Case Administrators:

  • Olga Dvořáková
  • Iveta Špiclová