image with computer and judge hammer
Case number Process Domains Complainants Respondents Panelists Published Result Action
CAC-UDRP-100406 udrp ECCOSKOTILBUD.COM ECCO Sko A/S xiaolansun Angelica Lodigiani 04.04.2012 09:09 Accepted
CAC-UDRP-100397 udrp ECCOSTOVLER.NET ECCO Sko A/S huangchen Dr. Tobias Müller 04.04.2012 08:49 Accepted
CAC-UDRP-100378 udrp SBK-WORLD.COM Infront Motor Sports S.r.l. Transure Enterprise Ltd Jose Checa 03.04.2012 09:56 Accepted
CAC-UDRP-100409 udrp E2Interactive, Inc. Private Registration Avv. Guido Maffei 02.04.2012 13:36 Accepted
CAC-UDRP-100407 udrp E2Interactive, Inc. Technical Contact Enrique Batalla 02.04.2012 13:08 Accepted
CAC-UDRP-100392 udrp Pirelli & C. S.p.A. Domains By Proxy, LLC Flip Petillion 02.04.2012 08:50 Accepted
CAC-UDRP-100373 udrp Pirelli & C. S.p.A. Domain Privacy Veronica Bailey 28.03.2012 10:42 Accepted
CAC-UDRP-100388 udrp Pirelli & C. S.p.A. Private Whois Tom Heremans 28.03.2012 09:10 Accepted
CAC-UDRP-100389 udrp ECCO-UDSALG.NET ECCO Sko A/S zhouyiming Matthew Harris 26.03.2012 09:03 Accepted
CAC-UDRP-100408 udrp ECCOSKONORGE.COM ECCO Sko A/S Private Whois Thomas Hoeren 22.03.2012 12:48 Accepted
( Items: 4211 - 4220 from 4301 )