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Case number Process Domains Complainants Respondents Panelists Published Result Action
CAC-UDRP-106416 udrp LABORATOIRE NUXE lihai hui (lihai hui) Dr. Federica Togo 17.05.2024 11:26 Accepted
CAC-UDRP-106394 udrp Navasard Limited Xavier Tene William Lye OAM KC (Victorian Bar) 20.05.2024 13:43 Accepted
CAC-UDRP-106455 udrp Navasard Limited Regery Ukraine Jonathan Agmon (Soroker Agmon Nordman) 20.05.2024 13:46 Accepted
CAC-UDRP-106464 udrp G7 Privacy Department (IceNetworks Ltd.) Victor Garcia Padilla (GAMA Consult GmbH) 20.05.2024 13:49 Accepted
CAC-UDRP-106468 udrp,,, G7 regbaoui regbaoui (taxifrance) Gustavo Moser 20.05.2024 13:52 Accepted
CAC-UDRP-106404 udrp Beijing Dajia Internet Information Technology Co., Ltd. Felipe Martins Peter Müller 21.05.2024 11:23 Accepted
CAC-UDRP-106414 udrp SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC SE cosmas morgan Thomas Schafft (SSH Rechtsanwälte PartGmbB Selk) 21.05.2024 11:29 Accepted
CAC-UDRP-106445 udrp,,, D. Jacobson & Sons Limited Zoe Zhang, Griffin Downey, Leslie Maldonado, Ingrid Nelson Thomas Hoeren 21.05.2024 11:41 Accepted
CAC-UDRP-106412 udrp Klarna Bank AB Future Flare Tripple F Kevin Madders 22.05.2024 13:45 Accepted
CAC-UDRP-106402 udrp Sony Group Corporation Melissa Forde Carrie Shang 23.05.2024 11:49 Accepted
( Items: 4301 - 4310 from 4433 )