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Administrative compliance checklist - Complaint

Please find below a checklist of issues which must be addressed in the Complaint so that it is administratively compliant:

  1. Was the Complaint submitted via the on-line platform?
  2. Does the Complaint indicate the name, postal and e-mail addresses, and the telephone and telefax numbers of the Complainant and of any representative authorized to act for the Complainant in the administrative proceeding [Rules, § 3(b)(ii)]?
  3. Does the Complaint specify a preferred method for communications directed to the Complainant in the administrative proceeding (including person to be contacted, medium, and address information) for each of (A) electronic-only material and (B) material including hard copy [Rules, § 3(b)(iii)]?
  4. Does the Complaint provide the name of the Respondent (domain-name holder) and all information available to the Complainant regarding how to contact Respondent or any representative of Respondent, including contact information based on pre-complaint dealings, in sufficient detail to allow the Provider to send the Complaint to the Respondent in accordance with the Rules, § 2(a) [Rules, § 3(b)(v)]?
  5. Does the Complaint specify the domain name(s) that is/are the subject of the Complaint [Rules, § 3(b)(vi)]?
  6. Does the Complaint identify the Registrar(s) with whom the domain name(s) is/are registered at the time the Complaint is filed [Rules, § 3(b)(vii)]?
  7. According to the relevant WHOIS confirmation(s), is/are the domain name(s) specified in the Complaint registered with the Registrar(s) indicated by the Complainant?
  8. According to the relevant WHOIS confirmation(s), is/are the domain name(s) specified in the Complaint currently registered by the Respondent?
  9. Is the Complaint filed in the language of the administrative proceeding? [Rules, § 11]?
  10. Does the Complaint specify the trademark(s) or service mark(s) on which the Complaint is based [Rules, § 3(b)(viii)]?
  11. For such trademark(s) or service mark(s), does the Complainant describe exactly the goods or services, if any, with which the mark is used, eventually with which the Complainant intends, at the time the complaint is submitted, to use the mark in the future? [Rules, § 3(b)(viii)]?
  12. Does the Complaint appear to describe the grounds on which the Complaint is made [Rules, § 3(b)(ix)]?
  13. Does the Complaint specify, in accordance with the Rules, the remedies sought [Rules, § 3(b)(x)]?
  14. Does the Complaint designate whether Complainant elects to have the dispute decided by a single-member or a three-member Panel [Rules, § 3(b)(iv)]?
  15. In the event the Complainant has designated a three-member Panel, does the Complaint contain the names and contact details of three candidates to serve as one of the Panellists [Rules, § 3(b)(iv)]?
  16. Does the Complaint state that the Complainant will submit, with respect to any challenges to a decision in the administrative proceeding canceling or transferring the domain name, to the jurisdiction of the courts in at least one specified Mutual Jurisdiction [Rules, § 3(b)(xiii)]?
  17. Does the Complaint contain the statements specified in the Rules, § 3(b)(xiv)?
  18. Is the Complaint signed by the Complainant or its authorized representative [(Rules, § 3(b)(xiv)]?
  19. Does the Complaint state that a copy of the Complaint, together with the cover sheet as described by the Supplemental Rules, has been sent or transmitted to the Respondent (domain-name holder) in accordance with the Rules [(Rules, § 3(b)(xii)]?
  20. Has the correct amount of fees been paid?
  21. If the Complainant is aware that other legal proceedings have been commenced or terminated in connection with or relating to any of the domain name(s) that are subject of the Complaint, are these other legal proceedings identified in the Complaint? [Rules, § 3(b)(xi)]?