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Why to use CAC to file UDRP Complaints

The service provided by offers secure electronic-only UDRP via our innovative on-line platform, as well as three innovative measures. These are:

  • Low initial filing fees for single Panel (starting from 500 EUR) with additional fee payable if Response is filed
  • Class Complaints featuring the filing of a single complaint on behalf of multiple complainants
  • The availability of master accounts for parties involved in multiple UDRP proceedings

In addition, the UDRP service features two further measures designed to ensure that the UDRP service is of the highest quality. These are:

  • A narrow list of experienced UDRP Panellists
  • An updated categorisation of UDRP Decisions

Each of these measures is described below in more detail.

Low initial filing fees for single Panel Complaints

(Schedule A of our UDRP Supplemental Rules)

In absolute majority of UDRP proceedings no Response is filed. ADR.EU addressed this long-term fact by introducing low initial filing fees (starting from 500 EUR for 1-5 disputed domain names) for single Panel Complaints. Additional fees are required only if a Response is filed that is in administrative compliance or if a Panel determines that the additional fee is appropriate due to the complexity of the proceeding.

Class Complaints featuring the filing of a single complaint on behalf of multiple complainants

(Section 4 (a) of our UDRP Supplemental Rules.)

The CAC is introducing a Class Complaint procedure into the UDRP so that a single person representing multiple Complainants can file one complaint against a single domain name holder in regard to multiple disputed domain names, for a reasonable fee.

This procedural option is being introduced in response to the requests of right holders for a streamlined UDRP procedure to fight serial cybersquatters.

A Class Complaint can be filed under existing rules provided the following conditions are met:

  • (a) The Class Complaint is based on legal arguments applicable equally, or substantially in the same manner, to all the disputed domain names;
  • (b) the person representing the different Complainants joined in the Class Complaint must provide evidence that it is authorised to act on behalf of each of the Complainants; and
  • (c) the Panel can order the transfer of any of the disputed domain name(s) only to the individual Complainant on whose behalf the transfer was requested in the Class Complaint, in accordance with established UDRP Policy.

Master accounts for parties involved in multiple UDRP proceedings

The CAC’s on-line platform enables parties involved in multiple UDRP proceedings (lawyers, registrars, service providers) to have master accounts with different case files accessible through a single login.

This flexibility was requested by attorneys during the CAC’s programme of research earlier in 2008. Each on-line case file will also include principle Reminders and principal Deadlines for individual cases. selected first list of UDRP Panellists for CAC has has selected its first cadre of UDRP panellists for the CAC.

More than 130 attorneys with experience of IP and internet disputes applied. Although many of these were excellent candidates, the decision was taken to appoint an initial narrow band of just 37 experts in order to promote consistency across decision making.

The full list of panellists with their biographies is available on-line at in the main menu.

A new categorisation of UDRP Decisions

As part of the selection process for the appointment of panelists, the CAC asked applicants to suggest how UDRP decisions could be categorised in the platform to meet the needs of interested parties. As a result of this work, is categorising decisions for the CAC under headings suggested by IP practitioners from around the world with a special focus being given to matching an issue to a type of case.

On-line UDRP Platform

The foundation of ADR.EU’s UDRP service is a unique electronic platform administered by ADR.EU that is designed to revolutionise the process of filing a UDRP complaint because of its flexibility and the innovative exploitation of the power of the internet, as outlined above.

To access the new UDRP Platform all you need to do is to click on the button that runs horizontally across the top of the page called "On Line Arbitration Platform", register your contact details and follow the simple instructions. If you have any technical difficulties, you can contact the CAC's UDRP Support Team by e-mailing