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Why to use CAC to file UDRP Complaints

The service provided by the Czech Arbitration Court (CAC) offers secure electronic-only UDRP via our innovative online platform.  There are several innovative measures. The CAC has an experienced ADR team which is ready to assist you with any requirements in regard to domain name ADR. 

  • Low initial filing fees for a single Panel (starting from 800 EUR) with an additional fee payable if a Response is filed/ the case is deemed complex by the Panel.
  • Easy navigation through the process with prepared forms 
  • CAC receives complaints in other languages than English
  • Possibility of preliminary check of the complaint for administrative compliance before the filing
  • Class Complaints featuring the filing of a single complaint on behalf of multiple complainants 
  • The proceedings in CAC´s UDRP take an average of 40 days (CAC follows all time limits prescribed by UDRP)

In addition, the CAC´s UDRP service features two further measures designed to ensure that the UDRP service is of the highest quality. These are:

  • A narrow list of experienced UDRP Panellists
  • Publicly available UDRP Decisions with search tools for easy navigation
  • Experienced ADR team of case administrators and supervisors

Each of these measures is described below in more detail.

Low initial filing fees for single Panel Complaints

(Schedule A of our UDRP Supplemental Rules)

In absolute majority of UDRP proceedings no Response is filed. CAC addressed this long-term fact by introducing low initial filing fees (starting from 800 EUR for 1-5 disputed domain names) for single Panel Complaints. Additional fees are required only if a Response is filed that is in administrative compliance or if a Panel determines that the additional fee is appropriate due to the complexity of the proceeding.

Language of the UDRP proceeding

Most of the UDRP proceedings take place in the English language. In case another language is prescribed, the CAC is fully equipped to handle filings in other languages as well. The condition is the enlistment of the panelist with the required language skills. Contact us if you require more information.

CAC´s list of UDRP Panelists

The full list of panellists with their biographies is available online.

The list consists of experienced panelists from all around the world and with significant language skills palet. That enables CAC to navigate proceedings in other languages than English.

On-line UDRP Platform

The foundation of CAC’s UDRP service is a unique electronic platform administered by CAC that is designed to navigate the process of filing a UDRP complaint because of its flexibility. The platform provides an easy system for filing through prescribed forms which ensures a quicker and easier process.

To access the new UDRP Platform all you need to do is to register your contact details and follow the simple instructions. If you have any technical difficulties, you can contact the CAC's UDRP Support Team by e-mailing