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Case number Process Domains Complainants Respondents Panelists Published Result Action
CAC-UDRP-105367 udrp,,,, DT SWISS AG Bbxdm Bbxdm, Dongyue Qiu, Ridong Zhao, Minmin Jiang, Minmin Jiang Petr Hostaš 31.05.2023 12:57 Accepted
CAC-UDRP-105385 udrp SWISS KRONO Tec AG Francis Nnamdi Victoria McEvedy 31.05.2023 12:10 Accepted
CAC-UDRP-105378 udrp D. Jacobson & Sons Limited Nadine Seiler David-Irving Tayer 31.05.2023 11:54 Accepted
CAC-UDRP-105402 udrp, BOUYGUES Robert Edmond Louis Le Roy Claire Kowarsky 30.05.2023 16:27 Accepted
CAC-UDRP-105374 udrp LESAFFRE ET COMPAGNIE Domain Sales - (Expired domain caught by auction winner) c/o Dynadot Tommaso La Scala 30.05.2023 15:42 Accepted
CAC-UDRP-105375 udrp BENDA BILI Marlar Marlar Stefania-Despoina Efstathiou LL.M. mult. 26.05.2023 14:14 Accepted
CAC-UDRP-105358 udrp,,, BOURSORAMA Mondesir Perco Gregor Kleinknecht 26.05.2023 12:05 Accepted
CAC-UDRP-105372 udrp Novartis AG Rickey Stevenson Barbora Donathová 26.05.2023 11:20 Accepted
CAC-UDRP-105388 udrp BOURSORAMA Thierry Bloch William Lye OAM KC (Victorian Bar) 25.05.2023 16:15 Accepted
CAC-UDRP-105390 udrp INTESA-SUPPORTA.COM Intesa Sanpaolo S.p.A. dee jay Steven Levy Esq. (Accent Law Group, Inc.) 25.05.2023 14:11 Accepted
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