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Case number Process Domains Complainants Respondents Panelists Published Result Action
CAC-UDRP-106499 udrp Stefan Männich (E.ON SE) Bob Smith Yana Zhou 29.05.2024 10:25 Accepted
CAC-UDRP-106498 udrp Stefan Männich (E.ON SE) Alvin Wells Igor Motsnyi (Motsnyi IP Group doo) 28.05.2024 14:02 Accepted
CAC-UDRP-106497 udrp,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, MONCLER S.P.A. Rebecca Stokes, Burn Burn, Michael Watson, Phoebe Walton, Client Care, Zhang Fei Claire Kowarsky 19.06.2024 09:57 Partially accepted
CAC-UDRP-106495 udrp SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC SE Hilary Maxson (schueider-electric) Nathalie Dreyfus 06.06.2024 10:56 Accepted
CAC-UDRP-106493 udrp ARCELORMITTAL Gray Falkon María Alejandra López García 28.05.2024 13:58 Accepted
CAC-UDRP-106492 udrp Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma GmbH & Co.KG Verni Gerdater Udo Pfleghar 03.06.2024 14:45 Accepted
CAC-UDRP-106491 udrp SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC SE COLLEEN R HORNER Petr Hostaš 28.05.2024 12:59 Accepted
CAC-UDRP-106490 udrp, AMUNDI ASSET MANAGEMENT Eric Smith Delia-Mihaela Belciu 11.06.2024 11:33 Accepted
CAC-UDRP-106489 udrp PROMAN EXPANSION ELITE INTERIM (ELITE INTERIM) Michele Antonini 27.05.2024 15:51 Accepted
CAC-UDRP-106488 udrp Novartis AG Timothy Neaves Andrea Mascetti 18.06.2024 11:57 Accepted
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